Jonas Girskis was the first specialist in Lithuania to start treating movement disorders using a complex treatment program, which includes neurological, orthopaedic and biomechanical examination. Jono Girskio spine treatment centre offers musculoskeletal system disorders treatment methods that are based on highest degree of medical experience of doctor Jonas Girskis.


Spine lesions and diseases: scoliosis, osteochondrosis, disc herniation, and radiculitis;
Bones/joints/ligaments lesions and muscular imbalance;
Faulty posture of children and teenagers;
Postural disorders and problems while planning a pregnancy, during and post pregnancy;
Biomechanical body test and an individual program for those planning to start exercising.

Dear Guests,

It is a well known fact that with time our bodies, therefore  our spine is aging and our muscles are getting weaker. Few human beings pass their lives without having some type of back pain. Out of all the human population only about 25% of people manage to avoid back problems, however that does not mean that they will stay forever young or that they do not need to know how spine or muscular system function. One of the greatest Greek philosophers once said that there are no healthy people. We are born already ill and during our lifetime we battle our illnesses. It is difficult to argue with that. With time human body goes through various changes, which can cause illnesses or pain. However it can be kept under control or even avoided.
Most dangerous thing people can do is to trust their health to incompetent and indifferent doctors. Patients often believe that certain back problems come from “clogged” bio -energetic channels and that cleaning those channels would solve the
problem. Human body is not a kitchen sink, which can be fixed with chemicals or mechanical cleaning. Only rational, adequate and complex treatment will bring desirable results. My advice: do not look for a magic leech, miraculous chiropractor or a doctor who has medical device that treats all the disabilities. It is a waste of your time and money. Without a human factor, the applications of the latest scientific achievements and many years of experiences, no medical device will bring long – term successful results. To achieve success any treatment must be systematic. There are no simple or primitive ways.

Jonas Girskis
Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, neurologist, and specialist in manual therapy.
Neurologist License No. MPL-05522
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor's License No. MPL-04929

We believe each health problem requires an individual approach to resolve it. Effective general advice or treatment programmes simply do not exist. Our consultations are aimed to offer purposeful remedial movement formulae to each patient, so we pay particular attention to individual functional analysis of the muscles of the whole body. Our experience shows that the biomechanically purposeful movement is like a prescription drug from the “body drugstore” inside each one of us. Prescription of such drug requires much better skills of analyzing the movement system of human body and much more time than prescription of a chemical drug.

Greta Girskė
Director/Consulting Physical therapist
Rehabilitation Specialist Diploma No. 1317449

Physical therapist Greta Girskė specializes in the musculoskeletal system, offer preventive consultations or consultation on the existing movement disorders, defective posture, and neck, shoulder, back, hand and leg muscle and joint pain.Her field of interest includes body biomechanics, effects of the disordered muscle function on everyday body movements, regular posture, and correction of the disordered biomechanics with the purposeful physical movements.

Our treatment centre treats patients and educates them as well! Our doctors tirelessly share their medical knowledge through patient consultations and are thus willing to make such knowledge a key to your health. Well-motivated patients, who grasp the knowledge we share, achieve the best results during the process of recovery.

Rūta Burzdžienė
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician
License Nr. MPL-17282

Physician Rūta Burzdžienė specializes in balance disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Doctor consults on backache, neck pain, joint pain, intervertebral disc ruptures, tendon and ligament pathologies, movement disorders, faulty posture and spine deformities. She also consults on pregnancy planning and choice of sports. Her areas of interest are functions of the balance system of the human body in movement and the effects of various disorders on the system.

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